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2020 “won” – Now What? | Brandon Gosselin

Being successful in a constantly changing world is a challenging task, to say the least. A lot of us may feel like 2020 “won” – Now what?

Determination and perseverance are two key factors needed to leave a strong impact during the times we live, and Brandon Gosselin, Burlington class of 2013, writes about these in his book: My Path to the Presidency: An Action Plan to Realizing YOUR Aspirations. Brandon includes stories of growing up in a 1-bedroom house in a family of 6, interning at the White House, and building a $10 million company by gaining insight from some of the worlds’ greatest minds.

A motivational speaker, Brandon has shared the speaking stage with notable speakers like NFL legend Peyton Manning, and others. Brandon is passionate about serving and guiding people to realize their potential in achieving their aspirations! To help others identify what success is to them, and assist them in building an action plan to achieve their aspirations, Brandon is offering his book – My Path to the Presidency: An Action Plan to Realizing YOUR Aspirations.

His publication is already endorsed by President Jimmy Carter’s former pastor, former 8-year National Basketball Association (NBA) veteran turned business mogul, Trevor Booker, and New York Times’ bestselling authors, Jim DeFelice and Taya Kyle.


Caleb Maddix, former Forbes 30 Under 30 and co-founder of Apex 4 Kids said,
“Few moments in your life do you get the opportunity to get your hands on something like this… don’t put it down. Brandon is the voice that this generation has been waiting (and needing) to hear. Forget motivational fluff, his message comes from practicality, credibility, and truth.”


In Brandon’s personal action plan, he aspires to serve the American people as President of the United States in 2032. This action plan (developed using the same action plan template used in his book) has guided him in becoming an inventor, company founder, author, and more – all during the pandemic! In his efforts to become our nation’s future president, he developed an action plan for graduating Business Student Leader of the Year from one of the nation’s top-ranked MBA programs, and now, starting law school to obtain his Juris Doctorate. All using the Action Plan to Realizing your Aspirations model he developed.

Brandon’s aspiration is not an easy one. He knows the best way to inspire is to lead by example and credits learning this from Jesus Christ. Brandon’s story illustrates that no matter your circumstances, you can achieve your aspirations. When you finish reading his book, you will have developed a path and an action plan to UNDERSTANDING who you are, and the process of DESIGNING, BUILDING, and MOLDING your own aspirations with the ebbs and flows of life, which will result in a Path to ACHIEVING your aspirations.

With every book purchased, one of Brandon’s partner companies will donate $100 to The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundation. This 501(c)(3) foundation provides scholarships to the graduating high school seniors from Burlington, Alva, Cherokee, Kiowa, Medicine Lodge, and Enid. Brandon is giving back to the communities that raised him with strong morals, work ethic, and faith in God. He loves the people who supported him in his aspirations while he was in school and beyond. Brandon wants all students to continue to receive that same support.


Buy your copy of My Path to the Presidency: An Action Plan to Realizing YOUR Aspirations now.


This article was written in partnership with Keyra C.