Brandon Gosselin

The Aspirational Storyteller

My Story


Brandon Gosselin was pronounced dead in 2013.

9 days after graduating high school as Valedictorian  and recognized as one of the top 10 basketball players in the state of Oklahoma for class B, he was in a severe ATV accident. 9 days after his accident, he woke up to a 3rd grade mental capacity and hardly having the ability to walk.

By the grace of God, he has gone above and beyond what his family, friends, and doctors thought he could ever do. In 2017, he graduated college (on time) summa cum laude and a college athlete; interned at the White House; currently partnered with former partners of Steve Jobs and a former chair of a $10 billion company; and does what he loves every day.

Like many, Brandon knows what it is like to feel as if you are unable to move past the shadow of inadequacy and not being “good enough.” For some, he knows what it is like to grow up very humble in terms of finances, as he grew up in a 1 bedroom house with 6 people. More importantly, he knows what it is like to think, “There is no way I can ‘…fill in the blank…’

As your Aspirational Storyteller, Brandon has geared his life to assist his audiences in realizing their potential and assisting them in achieving their aspirations.

*At each event and as an added bonus, Brandon’s nonprofit offers a $250 scholarship to one of the students in the audience.

Top 300 Public Speaker Worldwide (2016)

Former White House Intern

Zig Ziglar Youth Certified Speaker/Trainer