Submit Final Action Step

Submit Final Action Step

As I Aspire to understand the American people and what it is truly like to be American, I will need your help. As you know, our incredible country is richly and wonderfully diverse. I Aspire to understand why we act, think, and do what we do as individuals and as a society. I Aspire to understand different cultures, religions, creeds, and people.

My Aspiration is to be on the forefront of getting us to be the UNITED States of America. What matters most is we Aspire together, we respectfully set aside our differences, and we ALL strive to UNDERSTAND and UNITE with one another.

Tell me about you. Let me know your struggles, your experiences, your perspectives, your beliefs, how you have been oppressed, and how you believe our country should be led to UNITE and UNDERSTAND each other. This is something that will take all of us to accomplish. This is something that can be accomplished with your help.

You can create a video, write a letter, make a recording, or any way you would like to share this final action step. Yes, I will never truly understand what it is like to live in your shoes, but I sincerely want to know how I can best represent YOU.

    You can attach movies, audio files, documents to convey your thoughts.

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