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About the Foundation | Brandon Gosselin

The EMPOWERING B.A.C.K Foundation




Thanks for visiting! This page contains a summary of our efforts and vision.

PLEASE DONATE today toward our vision. We need your help to provide much needed scholarship for graduating high school seniors and community development!

Thank you for your donations of 3-ply surgical masks. All of us at Share Medical Center appreciate your generosity.

CEO,Share Medical Center


Founded during the 2020 pandemic, The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundation’s main objective was to provide community assistance and scholarship to 4 Northwest Oklahoma communities. Initial projects included:

  • Providing thousands of medical masks to 4 hospital systems and communities
  • Establishing a scholarship fund for graduating seniors in 3 Northwest Oklahoma towns and 1 Southern Kansas town
  • Affording thousands of medical masks to the 30+ religious organizations

Since The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundations inceptions in April 2020, this 501(c)(3) foundation has evolved and now mainly focuses on providing scholarship to the graduating high school seniors in northwest Oklahoma and southern Kansas. Anywhere from Burlington, Alva, Cherokee, Kiowa, Medicine Lodge, and Enid.

Brandon focuses on giving back to the communities that raised him with such strong morals, work ethic, and faith in God. He loves the people who supported him in his Aspirations while he was in school and beyond. Brandon wants for all students to continue to receive that same support.


To receive The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foudnation scholarship, I decided to write my Gratitude Letter to my grandma because she has always been there for me whenever I needed her. She is always someone who I could trust and could talk to. Over the years I have been able to learn so many things about life her experiences, and she has better prepared me for the future.


Class of 2019

Thank you so much for the box of masks you provided for our congregation. We will definitely use them as we are continuing to strongly encourage masks as we begin coming back together for live worship.



First Christian Church

I sent my Gratitude Letter to my Coach, thanking him for pushing me the past couple and helping me get the opportunities I have now





Class of 2019


A crowning achievement for The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundation is the accessibility to scholarship for graduating high school seniors who aspire for self-improvement through education (both formal and informal)! Besides graduating high school, we only have 3 requirements:

  • Write at least 1 Gratitude Letter to a teacher, coach, administrator, faculty, mentor, or someone in the student’s life that made a positive impact and motivated the student. The goal is to let the Gratitude Letter recipient know how much the student appreciates them.
  • Send The Empowering B.A.C.K. Foundation a picture of the student either mailing the letter or hand delivering it. The envelope must include and show the student’s name and the name of the Gratitude Letter recipient.
  • Write a brief summary of the Gratitude Letter recipient(s) the student chose to write and how the Gratitude Letter recipient impacted the student’s life.


I wrote my Gratitude Letter to my boss. Ever since I worked there, she has been very understanding of what it means to be a high school student. She has shown me how to be determined, cooperative, caring, straightforward, and independent. I’m very grateful for my Boss in my life and that she made the decision to hire me as a full-time high school student athlete.”

                                               -Anna, Class of 2019


As we all get older, we realize more and more every day that we didn’t get to where we are by ourself.

We had/have people in our life that have and are EMPOWERING us. We must always Aspire to show strength, honesty, and perseverance. More importantly, the importance of giving B.A.C.K. and showing gratitude. These ideals should be a part of any student’s FOUNDATION.

We are proud to partner with you in support of our students! Make your donation now.