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Keynotes Speaking

Brandon Gosselin is known as The Aspirational Storyteller. He brings his life experiences, his mentorship from some of the world’s most successful, & his talents of effective communication. He ties it all in to uniquely craft an aspirational speech that is specifically geared to your audience. None of Brandon Gosselin’s speeches are the same. As a student middle school and even today, Brandon cringes at those speeches that are “just another speech.” 

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Workshop Hosting & Camp Consulting/Training

In 2018 Brandon Gosselin was approached by an organization that needed his expertise. Since then, he has been continuing to assist organizations on the following aspects where they need guidance.

1. The organization needed to REVAMP their leadership camp.

2. They needed to put their counselors/volunteers through training to create a sustainable difference in the success of their camp. Thus, Brandon Gosselin reached to his good friend and fellow Zig Ziglar Youth Certified Trainer/Speaker – Brandon Baumgarten.

Brandon and Brandon bring two very different styles of exceptionally, effective communication. When brought together, Brandon and Brandon (B&B) are able to assist in making transformative differences in your students! In addition, B&B assists you in taking your organization’s camps, conferences, and trainings to a whole new level!

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