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Workshop Hosting & Camp Consulting / Training | Brandon Gosselin

Workshop Hosting

Camp Consulting/Training

Brandon Gosselin

Through Brandon’s experiences and mentors, he has learned the art of effective communication. Being mentored personally by a World Champion of Public Speaking, Brandon has learned secrets of effective communication that few people know. He utilizes these skills and others in his Keynote Speaking, Training, and Consulting. 

Brandon Baumgarten

Brandon Baumgarten is a professional speaker and workshop facilitator from Shawnee, Oklahoma. For over 5 years now, he has been speaking to students, teachers, and professional groups of all sizes in the United States. He is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, Leadership author, and an award winning soloist. Brandon B. has hosted 100s of workshops, training, leadership camps. Second to none, Brandon has the talent of resonating the message with our audience and equipping them with strategies to retain and apply what they learn at our events. We are lucky to have Brandon B. as a key player for our Workshop Hosting & Camp Consulting/Training.

Services Offered

Click below to see how B&B can help you bring the best out of your students and organization.

1 Two-Hour in person consultation from Brandon and Brandon (B&B)
2 One-Hour conference call consultations with B&B
1 Kickoff speech: Brandon Gosselin
1 Wrap Up Speech: Brandon Baumgarten
2-5 workshops with B&B
1-2 Trainings for Counselors/Volunteers
1 Camp reflection/evaluation after event (CAMPS ONLY)

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