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3 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Mondays | Brandon Gosselin

It’s pretty common for people to have some negative feelings towards Monday. After all, the weekend is over, your responsibilities kick back in, and there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee to get us through the day.

But we’re excited about Mondays, and here’s why.

Everyone is “Working for the weekend” but no one stops to realize Monday CAN be the best day of the week. For us, it’s the perfect day for productivity and organization. “Mondays are a chance to get things started with the right attitude. We need to stop allowing society to tell us how we should feel about Mondays.” – Brandon Gosselin

Here are 3 reasons why we’re excited about Mondays, and why they should be celebrated:

  1. They are the BEST day for quiet, determined focus.
    Most everyone is coming into the office on Mondays NOT ready to socialize. You’ve had a quiet commute, bee-lined it for the office, and closed the door behind you. This is the perfect scenario to dive right into those emails and to prepare for the week ahead. Not only that, your least favorite coworker is most likely to call in on this day, making the office an ideal work environment.
  2. Mondays are a true restart.
    START FRESH. If something carried over from your to-do list last week put it at the TOP of this week and knock it out first thing. Take a look at the following few days and get a plan together to make sure you can prioritize, coordinate, and execute to your absolute highest level. In fact, avoid planning meetings for Mondays. This should be a day for preparation, which is just as important as implementation.
  3. Your team might need your #MoreMonday energy to push through!
    Like we said at the beginning, Mondays get a bad rep. (On social media, over 50% of “I hate *this day of the week*” are stating a distaste for Monday) Even if a lot of that is just “Water Cooler Talk,” it can make a negative impact on the culture and energy in the workplace. We love encouraging people to make the most of their week, starting with making the most of their Monday. Be the example for your coworkers and employees that Mondays are a source of power for your organization.

Mondays are especially helpful when it feels like the work never stops. If your workday includes abnormal work hours, having this day or morning to refresh and restart is vital for a successful follow-through for the week ahead. We are here to promote the “More Mondays” mentality, which is why we named our monthly newsletter #MoreMondays.

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